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Confession 6


I've never cheated on anyone. But when I got married, the fear of infidelity haunted me; I was afraid I might betray someday. My husband loved me deeply, treated me like a queen. I can't recall a single time he hurt me or looked at another woman. Every evening, he read me love poems he'd written himself. We had seven blissful years together. One day, I decided to surprise him by showing up at his workplace unannounced. He was reading poetry to someone else, holding their hands tenderly. It turned out, they'd been together for four years.

Confession 5


I need to confess something. I've been lying to my parents about going to college. Instead of attending classes, I've been hanging out with my friends and boyfriend at the beach, even kissing him. My parents don't know about any of this, and it makes me feel really bad. They trust me so much, and I've let them down. I'm ashamed of what I've done

Confession 4


I m afraid of getting hurt in relationships. Once, my friend cheated on me and made fun of my insecurities in front of many people. It hurt me deeply, and I promised myself not to trust anyone again. I trusted her so much, and her betrayal broke my heart. Now, I feel lonely and don t want to go outside or enjoy any parties. I just sit in my room, feeling hurt and alone.

Confession 3


After four years together, I cheated on my boyfriend, even though he loved me deeply and wanted to marry me. Feeling bored and disconnected, I ended our relationship, despite his pleas to stay together. It was a difficult decision, but I realized I couldn not continue a relationship without genuine feelings. I feel an intense sense of guilt, knowing I ve done wrong, and I am not sure if I will ever be able to forgive myself.

Confession 2


I’m married for 8 months and I’m a doctor. I had to marry this guy because of my late mother but I already loved someone else still I decided to sacrifice my love and marry him and be a good wife to him. When time passed I discovered the guy’s parents are obsessed with him and the guy went back to Australia after marriage. He daily shares everything with his parents about me. I tried to love him but I cant because whenever I asked my monthly pocket money he always made excuses that made me rude to him. Everytime I want something for me he asks his parents even though he is independent and denies. He thinks I’m from a poor family and that is why his mother always tell him that I will spend all his money. I cannot live like this. I’m not allowed to do job also. He is in Australia I’m in india waiting for my visa. This has affected my mental health as his mother taunts me about my family and controls her son properly. I really wanna breakfree from this marriage but I’m confused if this is the right decision or not? I’ve tried my best to talk to him but nothing works...