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“you broke me like a promise, but i kept you like an oath"

Meaning: You hurt me badly, just like when someone breaks a promise. But despite that, you stayed loyal to someone else, just like how people stick to their promises. It's about feeling betrayed by someone who chose to be faithful to someone else instead of keeping their word to you

"If autumn is beautiful, why isn't death admired"

Meaning: This line raises the question of why death, like autumn's beauty, is not understood or admired. It suggests reflecting on the contrast between autumn's natural beauty and the fear or aversion that is frequently connected with mortality. Essentially, it stimulates consideration on why something natural and unavoidable, such as death, is not seen as positively as the beauty of autumn.

"A wound is still a wound, even if it doesn't bleed anymore."

Meaning: This expression suggests that even if a wound stops bleeding and appears to heal on the surface, it is still a wound underneath. It means that emotional or psychological suffering may persist even if it is not visible. Essentially, it underlines that just because something does not show outward indicators of anguish does not mean that the pain is gone.

" hey say the difference between poison and medicine is merely the dose, Yet, how do I explain that with you, I willingly overdose? For in your essence, I find a lethal poison for my soul, A paradoxical cure that makes my broken parts feel whole..."

Meaning: This passage compares poison to medication, claiming that the difference is only in the amount consumed. However, it describes willingly "overdosing" on someone, implying being captivated by their essence although knowing it can be dangerous. The person is regarded as both a poison to the soul and a healing contradiction since they make the broken portions feel whole. Finally, it depicts a complex relationship in which the cause of suffering also brings consolation and healing.

"And why must I let my scars fade, when they all but prove I survived?"

Meaning: This line worries the need of letting scars to vanish because they serve as proof of survival. It implies that scars, whether physical or emotional, are evidence of conquering obstacles. Essentially, it recommends accepting scars as indicators of strength and tenacity rather than attempting to conceal or remove them.

"What scares you the most? Height or darkness? Nothing but person with last dreams, eyes without shine, or above all , the smile which reflects pain!"

Meaning: This passage asks what frightens the reader most: heights, darkness, or something deeper like a person with shattered dreams, dull eyes, or most significantly, a smile that hides pain. It suggests that emotional pain concealed behind a smile may be the most terrifying of all.

" It was my guilty, I loved the Sun and it burn me in return "

Meaning: This statement shows sorrow for the person's love of the sun because it ultimately burned them. It implies, in a symbolic sense, that loving something caused sorrow or harm in return. In essence, it considers what happens when one loves something and it ends up hurting or disappointing one.

" How destiny can be clueless when you are the one to decide "

Meaning: These words show that what will happen is uncertain or unknown, while the truth is that it is up to a person to decide what to do. This means that despite the concept of destiny, people have the right to determine their future through their own decisions and actions. In fact, it emphasizes the belief in free will and the ability to influence one's destiny.

" The cave you're scared to enter holds the treasure you're looking for."

Meaning: This suggests that the thing you are most afraid of may have the treasure you have been looking for. It implies that overcoming your anxieties and venturing into the unknown may result in the discovery of something priceless or meaningful. In essence, it promotes bravery in facing anxieties in order to find possibilities or hidden gems.

" The farther I walk with you the farther I have to walk back alone"

Meaning: This statement implies that it gets tougher to say goodbye and confront loneliness again the longer you spend with someone. It implies that the harder it is to go back to being by yourself, the closer one is to the other. In essence, it draws attention to the paradoxical nature of friendship, where the pleasure of being with someone is balanced by the unavoidable return to alone.

" All my life I was running for a house, but in the process, I forgot how to run for a home..."

Meaning: This statement indicates that the individual spent their entire life concentrating on locating a physical home, but they neglected to look for the genuine comfort and sense of belonging that characterise a home. It implies that the quest of material goods has taken precedence over the significance of establishing secure emotional environments and deep connections. In essence, it considers the difference between a place that serves as a refuge and one that genuinely makes one feel at home.

" Its funny how people say time flows like a river because you can only wish to freeze it"

Meaning: This statement implies that although people frequently compare time to a river, which runs without interruption, in actuality, they frequently wish they could "freeze" or "pause" time at specific points in time. It implies that even though time passes by, there are times in life that individuals wish would never end. In essence, it considers the need to cling to unique experiences and the transient nature of time.

" I'm fighting a strange battle within,
Someone's causing me distress,
it's akin. A feeling so odd,
hard to ignore, Within myself, someone's a bore"

Meaning: This passage describes a struggle happening within oneself, where someone or something is causing discomfort or distress. It conveys a sense of inner conflict and unease that's difficult to ignore. Ultimately, it reflects on the sensation of feeling bothered or annoyed by something within one's own thoughts or emotions.

The me in me died just for the you in me to live!

Meaning: This sentence means that a part of oneself, representing their own desires or identity, has been sacrificed for the sake of someone else. It suggests that a significant change or loss of self has occurred in order to prioritize the needs or desires of another person. Essentially, it reflects on the extent to which someone has altered themselves to accommodate another's presence or influence.

" I’m fading, slowly but certainly
Drifting away from everything I know and love
Half still human, half just a ghost
I’m fading from the person I used to be
Memories turning into just a blur
I mourn for the girl who once was
Until the tears stop, and emotions cease
For I’m fading slowly, but quite certainly
My colors are worn, turning to gray
And so I’m fading, slowly fading away."

Meaning: This sentence means that a part of oneself, representing their own desires or identity, has been sacrificed for the sake of someone else. It suggests that a significant change or loss of self has occurred in order to prioritize the needs or desires of another person. Essentially, it reflects on the extent to which someone has altered themselves to accommodate another's presence or influence.

We close our doors to people who are already trying to open it …and … keep the doors open to people who doesn’t even bother to knock …

Meaning: This sentence describes a paradoxical behavior where we shut out those who are actively seeking entry into our lives while leaving our doors open for those who don't even make an effort to knock. It highlights the irony of pushing away those who genuinely want to connect while welcoming those who show no interest or regard for our boundaries. Essentially, it reflects on the tendency to misjudge and prioritize the wrong people in our lives.

For once...i wanted to belong.. For once I want to be reminder of your favorite song

Meaning: This sentence expresses a longing to feel a sense of belonging and significance in someone's life. It conveys the desire to be cherished and remembered like a favorite song, symbolizing a desire for lasting impact and connection. Essentially, it reflects a yearning for acceptance and recognition from someone special.

My love for you is just like the waves of the sea which doesn't have an end

Meaning: This sentence compares the speaker's love to the endless waves of the sea, suggesting that it is boundless and infinite. It conveys the idea that their affection for the person has no limits and will continue endlessly. Essentially, it reflects a deep and enduring love that lasts forever, similar to the eternal motion of the sea.

I am the hesitant kiss under the mistletoe The girl that comes right before your true love And after the first love Just a name that you’ll mention in passing But never hear in a song Because I am not the type of music you listen to The song you skip when your playlist is on shuffle I am the first thought But always the second choice

Meaning: This passage describes feeling like an afterthought or a placeholder in someone's life. It conveys the sense of being overlooked or disregarded, relegated to a secondary role in their thoughts and affections. Essentially, it reflects the experience of not being the priority or the preferred choice, but rather someone easily forgotten or passed over.

She Never Talked To Him Directly But Her Eyes Often Had Long Conversations With Him"

Meaning: This sentence describes a situation where a person doesn't speak directly to someone, but their eyes frequently communicate with them in silent conversations. It suggests that despite the absence of verbal communication, there is a strong emotional connection or understanding conveyed through eye contact. Essentially, it reflects the power of nonverbal cues in expressing feelings or thoughts.

Someone's love is a nighttime deal, another's love is a lifetime seal. And here we are, in search of a vow, unaware of the bargains we allow.

Meaning: This verse contrasts fleeting relationships with lasting commitments. It reflects on the irony of seeking a sincere promise while unknowingly making compromises along the way. Essentially, it highlights the tendency to pursue lasting love while overlooking the compromises made in the process.

If i could rewind the hands of time, i would rewrite you and I

Meaning: This sentence expresses a wish to change the past, specifically to alter a relationship between two individuals. It implies a desire to rewrite their shared history, perhaps to correct mistakes or improve the outcome. Essentially, it reflects on the longing to go back in time and reshape the course of their relationship.

I might stop loving you but I can never unlove you

Meaning: This sentence conveys that while the speaker may choose to stop actively loving someone, the love they've felt cannot be erased or undone. It suggests that even if feelings change or fade, the depth of love once experienced remains a part of them. Essentially, it reflects on the enduring impact of love, which persists even after the act of loving has ceased.

My heart goes on a quest for words, to craft the tale of our love

Meaning: This sentence describes the speaker's heart embarking on a search for words to narrate the story of their love. It suggests a desire to express their feelings and experiences through storytelling. Essentially, it reflects on the creative pursuit of capturing and sharing the essence of their relationship through words.

"Hug me in despair before I collapse and never wake up. "

Meaning: This sentence expresses a plea for comfort and support during a time of extreme sadness or hopelessness. It suggests a desire for an embrace to prevent a total breakdown or loss of consciousness. Essentially, it reflects on the need for physical reassurance and emotional connection during moments of deep despair.

"you kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath."

Meaning: One person kept the relationship private, while the other held it in high esteem and regarded it with utmost importance. It illustrates a difference in how each person valued their connection. Essentially, it portrays an imbalance in the secrecy and devotion within the relationship.

"Someone I love once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift."

Meaning: Someone once received a gift of darkness from a loved one, which they initially struggled to understand. Over time, they came to realize that even hardships can be valuable lessons. This reflects the idea that challenges can lead to growth and appreciation in life.

"You have to die a few times before you can really live."

Meaning: This sentence suggests that experiencing hardship or undergoing significant changes is necessary for true growth and appreciation of life. It implies that one must face challenges or "die" metaphorically in order to fully embrace and appreciate living. Essentially, it reflects on the idea that overcoming adversity can lead to a deeper understanding and enjoyment of life.

"you gave voice to my thoughts"

Meaning: Someone enabled the expression of thoughts and feelings, giving clarity and voice to the ideas within. It reflects on the gratitude towards the person who facilitated effective communication.

"Freedom from the body, death's ultimate part, Freedom from the mind, liberation of the heart."

Meaning: Someone enabled the expression of thoughts and feelings, giving clarity and voice to the ideas within. It reflects on the gratitude towards the person who facilitated effective communication.

"I don't love you with my heart and mind
I love you with my soul
Incase my mind forgets and heart stops"

Meaning: This verse expresses a deep and enduring love that transcends the realms of the heart and mind, and instead originates from the soul. It implies that even if the mind were to forget or the heart were to stop, the love would persist because it is rooted in the essence of the soul. Essentially, it reflects on a profound and everlasting connection that exists beyond physical and emotional boundaries.

"Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color."

Meaning: This verse illustrates the profound impact of someone's absence on the speaker's life. It compares the experience to a thread passing through a needle, emphasizing how deeply intertwined the absence is with the speaker's existence. Essentially, it suggests that every aspect of the speaker's life is marked by the color of the absence, highlighting the pervasive influence it has on their thoughts and actions.

Like the persistent hiccups down the throat, your memories emanate and I failed to plunge them in a glass of my salinity.

Meaning: This verse describes how memories of the person persist like hiccups, repeatedly resurfacing despite the speaker's attempts to suppress them. The comparison to hiccups suggests their involuntary and persistent nature. The speaker expresses frustration at their inability to alleviate the memories' emotional impact, likening it to trying to drown them in their own tears. Essentially, it reflects on the difficulty of escaping the haunting memories of the person.

In the quiet hours when shadows creep,
My heart unfolds its secrets deep.
One-sided love, a silent wail,
Longing whispers in the gale.
Unspoken words, like ghosts they roam,
Through valleys dark, and fields unknown.
Yet in this solitude, I find my voice,
To share my sorrow, my choice.

Meaning: This statment reflects on the experience of unrequited love during moments of solitude. It describes how emotions unfold in the quiet hours, revealing the pain of loving someone who doesn't reciprocate. Despite the loneliness, there's a sense of finding strength in expressing and accepting one's feelings. Essentially, it portrays the universal struggle of unspoken love and the courage to confront emotions even in solitude.

Some love stories are not meant to materialise.
They just stay inside your head,
like memories of the dead.
That's why I am told not to have those tears in my eyes.
Forever is only in fiction we once read,
such brief illusion we once had.

Meaning: This statement reflects the idea that certain love stories never come to fruition but instead remain as unfulfilled thoughts and memories. It suggests that holding onto these unrealized hopes can lead to sadness, as forever love is often only found in fiction, not reality. It highlights the fleeting nature of love and the importance of accepting that some relationships may only exist as brief illusions.

"Every I love you left unsaid was, is and will be the only regrets in my life."

Meaning: This sentence expresses deep regret for not expressing "I love you" when it was felt. It suggests that the unspoken words of affection remain a significant source of regret for the speaker. Essentially, it reflects on the missed opportunities to convey love, which are seen as the only regrets in the speaker's life.

" Hope, that's what kept me going... Hope, that's what betrayed me."

Meaning: This statement considers the dual character of hope in the speaker's life. Initially, hope provided inspiration and resilience, allowing them to persevere during difficult circumstances. However, it eventually led to disappointment or betrayal when their expectations were crushed or unfulfilled. Essentially, it depicts the conflicting emotions that come with relying on optimism as both a motivator and a cause of disappointment.

"You stable me in the back and I still apologize for getting my blood on your shirt"

Meaning: This phrase refers to a situation where one person hurt another person, but the injured party keeps apologizing for the pain caused by their own hurt. It’s about how people tend to put the feelings of others first, even if they’re the ones who’ve been hurt. In other words, it’s about the imbalance in the relationship where the injured party takes the blame even though they’ve been the victim.

"Yes. It's better to let go of me. If my presence is the reason of you getting hurt."

Meaning: This sentence conveys a willingness to let go of oneself if one's presence causes pain to another person. It suggests a selfless attitude of prioritizing the well-being of the other person over one's own desires or attachments. Essentially, it reflects on the recognition of the negative impact one may have on someone else's life and the willingness to step aside for their sake.