Turning Pain into Poetry: 60 Sad Quotes for the Broken Soul

Turning Pain into Poetry: 60 Sad Quotes for the Broken Soul.

Find comfort in our collection of heartfelt sad quotes as we journey together through healing tears.

Grab a coffee☕ and read a heartfelt collection of sad quotes on our blog. Experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you delve into our curated selection. Let these powerful words touch your soul and uplift your spirits. Explore the depths of human emotion and find solace in the beauty of expression. Dive in now and let the journey begin. Dive in now and let the journey begin, where emotional quotes touch our soul.

sad quotes about life

“habit is more dangerous than love."

"with every 'I wish we never met' i hide "You were the best part of me."

"Maybe I was just a chapter in his book but , my book was all about him."

sad quotes  about life

"I was the ocean
You wanted rivers
I was the moon
You chose stars"

"people fall in love due to misunderstanding and breakup when they understand each other."

"How many graves will i need to bury everything that is died inside of me."

"And here ends the story that never began. "

" She was ready to give her life to him but it turned out he actually took one as he was her life."

"The world may hurt you and a single person can make you happy. That same person may hurt you someday and the whole world wouldn't be able to make you happy."

"She couldn't hate him and he couldn't love her."

" People always expect you to understand them while they forget to understand you."

sad quotes  about life

" In the end promises are just words...!"

" People Leave You Because They Are No Longer Joined To You, And If They No Longer Want To Be With You, You Can't Make Them Stay."

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not here the music."

"The last page turned, but the story of us never started."

"In every universe, we will meet, and in one we will be together."

"The right person wrong time, the right script wrong line, the right poem wrong rhyme, and a piece of you... that was never mine."

sad quotes  about life

"Every sunset reminds me of you; a beautiful goodbye that never promises tomorrow, yet I find myself waiting still."

"At the end you loved every woman except the one who truly loved you."

"Parallel lines never intersect each other but they walk together till infinity."

"you're my "nothing" when people ask me what I'm thinking."

"I'm sorry we never made it to the end of my story, but I'll always remember the pages you were in."

"The ache of our impossible love will forever be the bittersweet melody that serenades my soul."

"You made flowers grow in my lungs and although they are beautiful, I cannot breathe anymore."

"In english we say "I dont love you anymore" but in poetry we say "In the gallery of my heart, your portrait has lost its frame."

"The organ in my ribcage , which used to beat at an uneven rhythm when I see you .It does no more."

"Much like murder, I buried the evidence of our memories from the rest of life."

"Sometimes love fades like a sunset, leaving only memories to linger in the twilight."

"you gave voice to my thoughts"

"The difference is when you showed me your scars I licked them and when I showed you my wounds you scratched them ,only to leave me bleeding again."

"The bird whose nest was broken, will always think of the sky as a cage."

"I have never learned how to love people in proportions either I love too deeply or I don’t feel anything at all."

sad quotes about life

"There must be something strangely scared in salt.It is in our tears and in the sea."

"Now the time around me didn't freeze like the first time I saw you but.. the spark in my eyes for you surely died..."

" i looked at you ..and Didn't saw the moon I use to see !
Didn't saw the urge that I use to greed
Didn't saw self that I use to love indeed."

sad quotes about life

"If my tears were the last source of water on this planet, I wouldn't cry to keep you alive. "

" I could hear the snap of strings that bind us, slowly turns into dust. I couldn't feel the light that hangs around us, it turns into pitch and gray leaving our happy moments behind."

"And today my soul didn't ache for yours..."

"My heart is a volcano always burning and never at rest all I ever wanted is not to let you burn and you think I betrayed you……"

"Somewhere between the 'new' me and the 'old' me, i lost the 'actual' me."

"Mood swings?? Nah, I survive panic attacks alone."

"You can be soft and still bring mountains to their knees."

"Healing is a paradox in itself. You're hurting but healing. Stuck but growing. Sad but happy."

"Healing is a breeze.It sweeps you off your feet and shakes the walls around your heart"

sad quotes about life

"My world is a garden but you need to accept my throns to love me."

"Keep me the way I want to be kept ; close to your heart but free to be."

"The heart has always been a flower . I never knew it could survive the strom until it did."

"The sun lives in your heart.stop searching for light at the wrong places."

"It isn’t easy to paint the sun for someone who forgets to water flowers in your heart.."

"Amidst the cold war between my heart and life, my soul turned into fire that burned the old version of me."

sad quotes about life

" To love is one thing
To be loved another
But I did not know the difference.
And kept on loving in hope...
Hope is a treacherous thing."

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