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1. duplicitous

Meaning: Speaking or behaving dishonestly, especially by saying different things to two people

Sentence: In a world of duplicitous intentions, honesty becomes a rare treasure.

2. Sardonic

Meaning: Humorous in an unkind way that shows you do not respect someone or something.

Sentence: he had no time for sardonic people and their asinine behaviour.

3. Scintillating

Meaning: Funny, exciting, and clever

Sentence: The scintillating fireworks lit up the night sky with bursts of vibrant colors, mesmerizing everyone who gazed upon them.

4. Precipitous

Meaning: A reduction or increase that is fast or great.

Sentence: His precipitous rise to success was a surprise to many, but not to those who knew him well.

5. Percipient

Meaning: Good at noticing and understanding things.

Sentence: With a percipient eye, she observed the subtle nuances of human behavior, capturing the essence of emotions in her art.

6. Indelible

Meaning: Memories or actions that are impossible to forget, or have a permanent influence or effect.

Sentence: Memories of love are indelible marks on the canvas of our hearts.

7. Evocative

Meaning: Making you remember or imagine something pleasant.

Sentence: Her painting was evocative of a serene sunset, stirring emotions deep within the viewer's soul.

8. Volition

Meaning: The power to make your own decisions

Sentence: Volition is the guiding force that transforms dreams into actions.

9. Maladroitness

Meaning: The fact of being awkward in movement or unskilled in behaviour or action.

Sentence: Their social maladroitness completely dissolved as soon as they stepped onto the stage and into the spotlight.

10. Nescience

Meaning: The state of not knowing.

Sentence: In the realm of knowledge, nescience is not a barrier but rather a gateway to endless curiosity and discovery.

10. Despotism

Meaning: often one who is unfair and cruel.

Sentence: In the shadow of despotism, the light of freedom shines brightest.

11. Despondency

Meaning: The quality of being unhappy, with no hope or enthusiasm.

Sentence: Despondency may visit, but it need not linger; for even in the darkest moments, hope flickers like a distant star.

12. decadence

Meaning: Behaviour, attitudes, etc. that show low moral standards.

Sentence: he felt despondent as he observed the continued decadence of society around him.

Word of the Day


Meaning: Not expressing or showing intelligent thought or purpose.

Sentence: It is better to remain silent rather than say something vacuous.

14. Innocuous

Meaning: Producing no injury , harmless

Sentence: Despite its innocuous appearance, the plant proved to be highly toxic

15. Self-effacement

Meaning: The quality of not making yourself noticeable, or not trying to get the attention of other people.

Sentence: Modesty and self-effacement were not principles he lived by, nor he believed should be.

15. Emancipation

Meaning: The process of giving people social or political freedom and rights.

Sentence: successfully securing their emancipation was key to ensuring freedom of the society as a whole.


Meaning: Fear or worry about what is going to happen.

Sentence: They walked with trepidation as they continued along the lonely path and into the unknown.

17. Dichotomy

Meaning: A difference between two completely opposite ideas or things.

Sentence: There is often a dichotomy to be found between what people practice and what people preach.

18. Vociferous

Meaning: To express opinions and complaints loudly and repeatedly

Sentence: he was vociferous with his message, which alienated some but engaged and ignited many.

19. Celestial

Meaning: Of or from the sky or heaven, or outside this world.

Sentence: He found her attractiveness to be unique; she was celestial in her nature.

20. Asinine

Meaning: Extremely or utterly foolish or stupid.

Sentence: Ignoring the warning signs was an asinine move that he would soon regret.

21. vapid

Meaning: Without liveliness or spirit; dull or tedious

Sentence: The politician's speech was vapid, lacking any substance or meaningful ideas.

22. Vehement

Meaning: Showing very strong (often negative) feelings, especially anger

Sentence: The teacher's vehement insistence on punctuality made her classes well-disciplined.

23. charlatan

Meaning: a person who says that he/she has knowledge or skills that he/she does not really have

Sentence: Beware the charlatan's charm it often masks deceit

24. eventide

Meaning: the end of the day; evening.

Sentence: In the quiet embrace of eventide, nature reveals its timeless beauty.

25. natter

Meaning: talk casually, especially on unimportant matters

Sentence: As the sun set, the old couple would sit on the porch, nattering about the day's events.

26. slultify

Meaning: Cause to lose enthusiasm and initiative.

Sentence: Constant criticism can stultify a person's enthusiasm.

Today's Word of the Day - deliberately

27. deliberately

Meaning: Intentionally or on purpose

Sentence: "He deliberately chose the path less traveled, knowing that it would make all the difference."

28. declutter

Meaning: To remove unnecessary items

Sentence: I need to declutter my closet before the new season.

29. perk

Meaning: An advantage or benefit that comes as a result of a particular situation.

Sentence: One of the perks of working here is free snacks in the break room.


Meaning: To deal with or handle a task or problem directly and effectively.

Sentence: She tackled the difficult assignment with determination.

31. stimulus

Meaning: Something that causes a response or reaction.

Sentence: The loud noise was a stimulus for the animals to run away.

32. abandon

Meaning: To give up completely a particular activity or way of life.

Sentence: He abandoned his family and went off with another woman.

33. fluctuate

Meaning: To rise and fall irregularly or unpredictably; vary

Sentence: Prices of stocks often fluctuate in response to market conditions.

Today's Word of the Day - pernicious

33. pernicious

Meaning: Having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.

Sentence: The pernicious habit of smoking can lead to serious health problems.

34. concoct

Meaning: To create or invent (a story or plan).

Sentence: She concocted a scheme to fool her parents.

34. whip up

Meaning: To quickly make something, especially food, usually without much planning.

Sentence: Sanjeev Kapoor could whip up a delicious meal in no time.

35. salutary

Meaning: Promoting health; healthful; wholesome.

Sentence: The salutary effects of exercise on the body are well-documented.

36. despondent

Meaning: Feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression.

Sentence: After failing the exam, she felt despondent and hopeless.

37. alienated

Meaning: Feeling isolated or estranged.

Sentence: After the argument, she felt alienated from her friends.

37. bumpy

Meaning: Having a surface that is full of bumps or rough areas.

Sentence: The road was so bumpy that my drink spilled everywhere.

38. dopey

Meaning: Stupid or sluggish in thought or manner; lacking alertness or quick-wittedness.

Sentence: After taking the medication, he felt dopey and unable to concentrate.

39. obscure

Meaning: Not clear or plain; ambiguous, vague, or uncertain.

Sentence: The meaning of the ancient text was obscure and difficult to decipher.

40. nocturnal

Meaning: Active at night.

Sentence: Owls are nocturnal birds that hunt at night.

41. suffocating

Meaning: Causing or feeling suffocation; very unpleasantly stuffy.

Sentence: The hot, crowded room felt suffocating.

Today's Word of the Day - scrumptious

42. scrumptious

Meaning: Delicious; extremely appetizing or enjoyable.

Sentence: The chocolate cake was so scrumptious that I couldn‘t resist having a second slice.

43. reassuring

Meaning: Serving or intended to remove someone‘s doubts, fears, or worries.

Sentence: Her smile was reassuring, making him feel more confident.

44. transcribe

Meaning: To make a written or typed copy of spoken material.

Sentence: The secretary will transcribe the meeting minutes.

45. conspicuous

Meaning: Easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable.

Sentence: The bright red bird was quite conspicuous against the green leaves.

46. respite

Meaning: A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Sentence: She sat down, grateful for a brief respite from the hot sun.

47. refurbish

Meaning: To renovate and redecorate.

Sentence: They refurbished the old house and turned it into a modern office space.

48. defeatist

Meaning: A person who expects or is excessively ready to accept failure.

Sentence: His defeatist attitude is holding him back from achieving his goals.

49. elaborate

Meaning: To add more detail or information to something you have said.

Sentence: She asked him to elaborate on his proposal.

Today's Word of the Day - destitute

50. destitute

Meaning: Without the basic necessities of life, extremely poor.

Sentence: Many families in the area are destitute and in need of assistance.

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